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On May 5, 1970 a baby boy named Jean Baptiste Tuyishimire was born in the village of Gahara, Rwanda.  He was born into a family that was associated with Baptist Union Church but they didn’t know Jesus.  Jean experienced great suffering as a child and it resulted in a lot of anger.  By the Grace of God, when Jean was 12 the Lord sent someone who shared the love of Jesus with Jean and his life was forever changed.  With his salvation God gave Jean a passion to share his experience with those around him and when he was 19 he surrendered to the call of pastoral ministry.  A turning point in Jean’s life came when at the age of 21 he started a church and in the eyes of most the church was a huge success.  With so many people coming to the church everyone was excited except Jean.  He said, “I personally was not satisfied because I wanted to see true transformation but did not know how to reach that because I lacked the education to help me shepherd God’s people properly.”  At the core of Jean’s salvation and call to ministry was a desire to see lives discipled, to teach people what it truly means to walk with Jesus.  Jean was blessed with education opportunities in the country of Zambia and with that blessing Jean went back to his homeland to pursue God’s call on his life.  Jean began the Bibleway Baptist Church.  His goal was simple, to teach others the Bibleway of life.  In 2018 the Rwanda Government shut down 10,000 churches overnight with new mandated regulations.  For 5 years Jean’s church has been unable to meet because their building does not meet government standards.  For 5 years Jean has continued to shepherd the flock but it has become increasingly difficult and the body is dispersed.  In Matthew 16.18 Jesus said He will build His church and the gates of hell will not stand against it.  We believe that now is the time that God is going to build Bibleway a new building through which the country of Rwanda will be touched.  Summerville Baptist has surrendered in faith to the Lord as He provides for this ministry.  Through an 8 phase plan of construction (each phase costing on average $25K) we believe the Lord will continue this work, non-stop until it is complete. 

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